home01Almost one in four Africans are starving. The proportion of hungry people in Africa is higher than in any other continent. Here we will explain why this is so and how Hunger in Africa can be eradicated.

About 226.4 million hungry people live in Africa that is one-third of world poverty rate. With 24.8 percent of the population, Africa has the highest rate of undernourished people. Effects of climate change, environmental degradation, war and armed conflict, rapidly growing populations, national debts, as well as diseases such as HIV / AIDS and malaria are the reasons for hunger in Africa. More than 30 percent of children in Africa live under the consequences of malnutrition, such as growth inhibition and Spiritual underdevelopment. According to World Bank estimates, 45 to 50 percent of the total population of Africans in south of the Sahara lives below the poverty line. The region is therefore officially the poorest region in the world. Please help us to fight hunger in Africa. Every cent saves lives … Please donate here

This video is about the struggles of mankind in the Sahel Region of Africa due to water crisis.


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